We see the roads so you don't have to.

Use our calculator below to evaluate the current and future road conditions that affect YOU

Our model is currently undergoing maintenance as we work to increase reliability.  Check back for Version 2.0 coming soon!  Feel free to email me at zaustin@nd.edu with any questions or comments!

Watching Roads

Keeping You Safe



Our model utilizes a wide range of weather conditions to determine the risk associated with driving in your area.  Need to know if school will be closed tomorrow?  Need to know if your hometown roads are safe to drive?  You are one click away.

Research and Development


Learn about how our conclusions are made, view historical data, review our sources, and comment for further development!

About Us

Click below to learn about the people who worked to create this site, the reason behind the creation of this site,  and the challenges overcome to reach its completion.  



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